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Empowering the

Global Shift to Entrepreneurship 
with E-learning & Business Support



What We Do

Founded by industry veterans, Asymergy Corporation empowering the global shift to entrepreneurship with e-learning, technology, financing, and infrastructure.





Why We Do It

Increasing College & University costs, stagnant wages, growing student loan debt, outsourcing, technology, and the disappearance of traditional work benefits are driving a global shift from an employee-based economy to an entrepreneurial-based economy. 


Our mission is to provide the people of the global entrepreneurial economy with the tools, education, and support they need to build their American Dream (regardless of their location). 



About Us

Current Holdings & Partnerships


Online Retail

Education, support, and tools for businesses & individuals that sell retail products online.  


The most efficient fundraising platform for growth stage businesses. 

What We Offer


Online publisher providing daily news and education for smallcap public company management teams and the professionals that support them. 

IGNITE Blockchain

An in-person invitational where the world's most innovative blockchain businesses connect with investors and thought leaders.  

Coming soon...

Asymergy is currently seeking profitable acquisition opportunities to add to its portfolio. Sectors of interest include; 


Seminar Marketing


Online Marketing

Investment Education



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